Lecture notes

Other ressources

Here are some ressources that could help to understand some lectures. Feel free to complete this list with suggestions.

  • Masson, “An informal introduction to the ideas and concepts of noncommutative geometry” (math-ph/0612012): this exposes some elements in \(K\)-theory, cyclic homology and Chern character…

  • Masson, “Examples of derivation-based differential calculi related to noncommutative gauge theories” (arXiv 0810.48154): elements related to Patrizia Vitale lectures.

  • Masson, “Gauge theories in noncommutative geometry” (arXiv 1201.3345): elements related to Patrizia Vitale and Fedele Lizzi lectures.

  • François, Lazzarini, Masson, “Gauge field theories: various mathematical approaches” (arXiv 1404.4604): see sections 2 and 3 for gauge field theories in ordinary geometry and in noncommutative geometry…

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